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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is a good time to consume WILD Drinks?

Any time is a good time to consume a wide range of WILD Drinks that include Vitamin Drink, Ice Tea, and Coconut water. It is one of the best low sugared non-carbonated options available in the country giving you the international feel of mouth-watering delicious flavours. It gives you essential nutrition and makes you go that extra mile when you are either delayed for your lunch or leading an active lifestyle. It becomes a perfect snack to get rid of hunger pangs.

What are WILD Alternate Beverages?

In many countries around the world, people hydrate themselves by consuming less sugary drinks that provide other nutritional benefits. Keeping this in mind, our company Beltek Canadian water introduced a smart hydration alternative in India, which tastes good as well as provides a healthier option for the entire family.

What is common in all WILD Drinks?

Wild Drinks are water-based drink, with :

  • 100% natural flavours
  • 100% natural colours
  • 0% preservatives
  • Low Sugar

Why are WILD Drinks Unique?

No other beverage comes close to WILD Drinks in its category when it comes to the unique taste and its nutritional benefits. All WILD Drinks:

  • Provides healthy hydration with nutritional benefits in the form of a dose of vitamins or antioxidants.
  • Is prepared with the finest ingredients
  • Contains mouthwatering flavours that shine through
  • Is formulated under rigorous test procedures
  • Maintains International Quality Standards
  • Have imported from Europe or USA high-grade ingredients.

Why WiLD Drinks taste so great?

Each Wild-Water flavour has a unique profile specifically formulated to create a delicious beverage suitable for the Indian palate. The concoction has been formed with a minimum amount of pure cane sugar, as an alternative to super-sweet juice or fizzy drinks. And we are proud of it!